Summer in the 80s – An Endless Adventure

It’s summer in the 80s. You hop on your bike, and head to your BFF’s house and ring the doorbell (unannounced)!

Maybe you’re headed to the park to play on the super safe playground? Or spin on the merry go round until you can’t stand up anymore. If everyone survived the playground injury free, then it’s off on a (helmet free!) bike ride. Oh, you’re thirsty and didn’t bring a water bottle? No sweat, just roll up to someones house and take a swig from their hose!

But all of that riding is bound to make you and the crew hungry, so it’s time to head to your BFFs house, dump your bikes in the front yard, and have a Bologna sandwich and big glass of Kool-aid! Now that everyone is fueled up, it’s time to build a bike ramp. Does anyone’s Dad have some plywood and bricks we can use?

Uh oh. The street lights just came on. It’s time to head home! It’s Nintendo time! OR maybe you’d make a mixed tap from the radio, if only the DJ would shut up and play our fav songs! It’s also a great time to thumb through the latest Teen Beat and cut out some new art for my bedroom walls. The more stuff the better.

Tomorrow is a new day. Back to the BFFs house. We’re going to layout the tarp in the yard, turn on the sprinklers, lay down the dish soap, and slip n’ slide the day away.

It’s going to be hot one this week, so we will probably hit up the mall. Let’s see if the neighbor will pay me to wash their car so I have some extra cash! I have a list of new music I want from Sam Goody, my crush is working at the Orange Julius.

Grandma is coming over to watch us while mom heads to Jazzersize and runs a few errands before we pack up the station wagon and head out on our summer vacation this weekend. When grandma comes over, we get to eat Lucky Charms and she bakes brownies! Then she turns on her soaps for the rest of the day. But we can’t ever let Grandma know if we’re bored, bc she says she will “find something for us to do.”

I’m hoping to reach my “Book It” goal on the road trip, so I can get my personal pan pizza with my BFF when we get back. We’re going to play Ms. Pac-Man and put every type of soda in our soda cup! Afterwards, we’re going to head to the roller rink, then off to Blockbuster for a flick, have a sleepover and stay up all night long.

Then it will almost be back to school time. Booo, but at least we get some cool new clothes and a Traper Keeper! I need to get out the Buzz Book and call all of my friends to see who their homeroom teacher is!

So get out there and enjoy this ultimate 80s summer! And, if you are craving an ultimate 80s experience, The 80s Cruise is the place to be! Step onboard our 80s time machine and see a stellar lineup of 80s acts for a 7-day, All-Inclusive, All 80s Party of a Lifetime!

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